Loan Services

Loan Types

We specialize in many loan types from conventional conforming and non-conforming loans to Federal Housing Administration (FHA), HomePath, Home Steps, Veteran Affairs (VA), reverse mortgages and many more. We will review your situation and recommend the best loan for your needs.


We will review your credit and income information prior to starting the home search, including credit report, tax returns, investment information and retirement programs and provide a pre-qualification letter to allow you to make offers on homes immediately.


We have several lenders and will compare programs across all lenders to ensure you are receiving the best loan terms for your circumstances.

First-Time Buyer Assistance

There are several programs that assist first-time buyers including low downpayments, grants and low interest seconds. We will work with you to obtain all available assistance to allow you to purchase your first home.

Real Estate Services

We can not only assist you in obtaining your loan but have experienced agents that help you purchase your home. Because we can handle both the purchase and loan, the process is efficient and effective.